Monday, 17 November 2008

Staples Eco-Friendly Writing Pads

Well, during a trip to Staples yesterday I stopped at the writing pads section and found a new product, some Staples brand Eco-Friendly Writing Pads, while taking a closer look the paper looked good quality, so I decided to get a 2-pack, after all, at $1.99+tax, $1/pad is decent.

After arriving home I decided to open one and check it, well, the paper is really good. Even though it feels as light as 15/16 lb paper, pens glide like it were 20 lb, and feathering is almost nonexistant. It has a slight bright and smooth texture which makes it feel so good.

The big deal in these pads is that the paper is made from sugarcane waste (bagasse), which is rich in cellulose, it is not recycled paper itself, just made from waste, and for being made out of waste, it is good. I assume that because of this material the paper looks different, I might be wrong though, but I don't care much for that.

Also, I find myself taking notes in class very often and then re-copying them neatly, because while you are rushing in class, everything is scratched, rewritten, fast drawings, etc, so the idea of spending $1 in a pad that might end up in the recycle can doesn't seem that bad, unlike throwing away a $3 Doane Paper pad for example. The only bad thing is that the back of the pad is thin cardboard, unlike many pads that have thick, rigid backs.

The pad has 50 sheets and comes in both letter size and a smaller one.

Here's the page for the letter size one the website only has it in a 12-pack, so if you don't want 12, then stop by a Staples.

I finally have pictures for the blog, they will be up soon, together with 4 reviews.


Slywy said...

I love these and have been using them for letters. The notebooks and notebook paper are great, too. They are 80 percent bagasse, so I assume there's some wood pulp paper in them as well.

The brown lines are a nice touch.

thepenman said...
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Ryan said...
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Anonymous said...

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