Thursday, 30 October 2008

Sanford Penguin

Well, not the usual pen review.

The Penguin was a marker made by Sanford years ago, it was marketed as a marker that could be used to mark stuff that was going to be frozen (hence the name). It is essentially a Sharpie that withstands freezing temperatures.

I managed to get one last week, brand new and it's great.

Even though I don't need a marker for frozen stuff, I got it more for it's historical/sentimental value. A Penguin was my first permanent marker, well, I borrowed it from my mom, but that was the first one, then a black sharpie came, then a blue one and then a red one. That was I'd guess around 93-94, and the marker has been missing for a long time, apparently, she gave it to my grandma, or she threw hers away and got one for my grandma , I have no idea. I know there's one in my grandma's kitchen, and I had been considering replacing it with a brand new Sharpie, just to keep it, but now I have a new one, so I'm fine.

I might not even use it a lot, since I have 2 black Twin Tip Sharpies and 3 Fine Industrial ones (plus a large stock of assorted Sharpie and Signal markers down in Panama, stock that will find it's way here).


John's Site said...

I find your weblog interesting. I'm facinated by the great variety of pens on the market and your descriptions are great.
If I ever need to find a new type of pen I'll check your site.

Felipe said...

Thx for the comment John