Friday, 28 November 2008

Uni-Ball Vision Needle Fine

A new addition to Uniball's lineup. It is available as Fine and Micro and in a variety of colors.

Contrary to what The Pen Addict did, I have to say that it is a really good pen, no bleed, almost no feathering and good feeling. The key is in the paper, it will perform miserably if you use 15/16lb regular paper, it will be barely decent with 20lb bond paper, and the best performance so far is in the Staples Eco-Easy Paper Pads, probably because of the paper composition (it's mainly a cellulose obtained from sugarcane bagasse), the only problem is that the ink doesn't dry out very fast, so you can have disastrous results (lefties, don't even try it).

I got a 4 pack of black ones at Walmart, and yes, the performance was bad at first, until I tried the Staples paper, which gave really good results.

The pen itself is a normal Vision, just that the graphics are different, the needle tip of course, and the end cap is from the UB Boxy, the Asia-Pacific version of the eye/Vision. The large cap with the clip is a new design.

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