Thursday, 30 October 2008

Sanford Penguin

Well, not the usual pen review.

The Penguin was a marker made by Sanford years ago, it was marketed as a marker that could be used to mark stuff that was going to be frozen (hence the name). It is essentially a Sharpie that withstands freezing temperatures.

I managed to get one last week, brand new and it's great.

Even though I don't need a marker for frozen stuff, I got it more for it's historical/sentimental value. A Penguin was my first permanent marker, well, I borrowed it from my mom, but that was the first one, then a black sharpie came, then a blue one and then a red one. That was I'd guess around 93-94, and the marker has been missing for a long time, apparently, she gave it to my grandma, or she threw hers away and got one for my grandma , I have no idea. I know there's one in my grandma's kitchen, and I had been considering replacing it with a brand new Sharpie, just to keep it, but now I have a new one, so I'm fine.

I might not even use it a lot, since I have 2 black Twin Tip Sharpies and 3 Fine Industrial ones (plus a large stock of assorted Sharpie and Signal markers down in Panama, stock that will find it's way here).

Monday, 20 October 2008


First of all, The Pen Addict has moved from to , so please update your bookmarks.

Second, I'm hoping to have some pictures this week for new reviews, and I'm trying to play catch up. This is what I currently have pending

-Bic Round Stic Med
-Paper Mate Eagle Med
-Pilot VBall RT
-Pilot V5 / V5RT
-Pilot V7
-Pilot G2
-UB Vision Needle Micro / Fine
-Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip Fine / Med // believe it or not, these $2/dz pens are wonderful [and I got them for $0.99/dz this weekend]