Tuesday, 26 August 2008

An update

Well, I moved last week for college to Arizona. I'll now have access to pens that aren't sold down there. I will be reviewing them soon, but without pictures (temporarily) since I'm stuck with a big DSLR and a camera phone that shoots like 100x100 or somehting like that, so while I get a better phone (which I should be ordering soon) or a small P&S, no pictures.

My current collection has
Pilot VBall RT
Pilot Precise V5
UB Vision Needle Fine
UB Vision Needle Micro
Pilot Precise V5RT
Sharpie | Pen

Recently added
UB Vision RT
Pilot Precise V5RT

And some marketing pens (hotels, banks and the Natl Guard)

I'll have some soon


Zach said...

The VBall RT has been a favorite of mine since its last redesign. I don't really care for the Extra Fine's black and white, almost polka-dotty exterior so what I do is put the VBall cartridge and put it in the Precise RT shell. I find the Precise shell holds the cartridge a bit tighter than the VBall, making the writing experience more solid feeling like a non RT.

I'm glad you can get more to sample!

Felipe said...

I yet have to try the VBall RT, both of them still have the plastic cover on the tip