Sunday, 3 August 2008


So I'm another one that follows the steps of The Pen Addict (Flickr: dowdyism) and start my own pen blog.

I started collecting pens when I was in 1st grade or so (I taught myself to read and write before I started elementary school). Back in those days it was mostly Bic pens, all styles of them in black and blue, and I began to experiment different inks and brands when I was in 3rd grade. By then I had already started to collect hotel pens too, my dad traveled quite a lot, so I had pens from Mexico, the US, Brazil, Colombia, Spain and other places, and by the time I was 10 my collection was of around 200 pens. That collection is stored in my aunt's house, since I moved to another country and bringing my entire collection was impossible. I started a new one

Which I will also leave behind soon, I haven't counted them, but it's a large number, plus a bunch of pens that are scattered around. So now (I'm 18) my collection habits have expanded, and the possibility of buying via Jetpens and Amazon have increased.

Believe it or not, I'm in a place where 3 years ago you would buy pens at the drugstore, since there was no place with a large assortment, there was a small Office Depot-like store, but they only sold Pentel and Uni-Ball, they had the best assortment of the country, however, not what I was used to. The nice thing was that they sold pens mostly by the unit, so you could buy whatever you pleased in the quantities you pleased. Office Depot Mexico bought them in 2007 or so and things changed. They now sell things the Office Depot way, but their Pentel assortment is limited, and their Uniball and Pilot is none existent, so I'm back buying stuff at the drugstore.

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