Monday, 4 August 2008

Uni-Ball Boxy Micro

Ok, I promise, I'll show a different brand next time.

This time I'm reviewing the Uni-Ball Boxy Fine, an interesting pen that isn't sold everywhere, seems like an Asia/ME/Pacific model that somehow found their way to certain stores here (a different drugstore than the one that normally supplies my needs). This pen is pretty much like the Vision and Vision Needle (and the Eye too), it's just different in the body paint and caps, the top cap (tip) is a Fusion cap but in black (it's also a normal Vision cap but with a different clip), which means the clip is plastic, translucent black, and the end cap is a Vision Needle cap (which happens to be the same as the Fusion cap, but in black). Just like the Vision, the Micro version has a darker shade of gray on the body and black caps, while the
Fine has grey caps and a lighter shade of gray on the body.

The barrel also has a product code "UB-150G", a Google search revealed that UB-150 is the normal Eye micro (not US version, it comes with color coded caps), which is also sold in Asia, and the UB-150G is the Boxy. Likewise, the UB-157 is the Eye fine and UB-157G is the Boxy fine.

This pen has been with me for only a week and hasn't seen much use, however, from my observations I can see that is just an Eye micro, feels the same, writes the same. It feels good, not too scratchy, but it depends on the type of paper, works good on normal bond paper, but on some notepads it does feel scratchy.

One thing is that I'd love to see this one looking more like the US market Vision / Vision Needle, I simply like the barrel paint/decal design more, but the caps look nicer on this one. There's also the problem that the clip is made of a plastic that doesn't look too durable.

I will review the fine one later


Courtney said...

I desperately need to know what that paper is called! it has grids and red lines! Please tell me! That is fabulous! I'll check back later and hope for an answer

Felipão G said...

Doane Paper,

Zach said...
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Stefanie said...

Hello there-
great site-
Do you have a resource for the Uni Ball Boxy? I have been looking and can't fine it. Thanks.

Felipão G said...

Depends on where you are. These were purchased in Panama (where Asian stuff is regularly imported). I'm quite sure that these can be found around Central/South America

Your best bet would be a site from Asia-Pacific or Australia that sells them and ships them to wherever you are (or an Ebay store maybe)