Thursday, 29 April 2010

Zebra Tect 2way 1000 0.5mm

What an awesome pencil.

I bought this pencil less than a month ago to give it a try, since it looked cool. It wasn't until I started using it that I found out it had a shaker mechanism, which is awesome. I've been using it a lot, and just ordered a 0.3 and a 0.7 from JetPens, and the next order will include the light versions to try them out.

My first shaker pencil was the classic Pilot "The Shaker" that I got from my dad (he loves those pencils) and still have it somewhere in my house, but now I've been using mostly drafting pencils, since I like them more, they're good for... well, drafting and graphing, and they're slim enough.

Hopefully my order will be here by Monday or so (yeah, I'm in AZ, so shipping from San Jose is quite fast), still in time for most finals so I get to use them.

Oh yeah, and the guy who sits next to me in Calculus liked it a lot and asked me where did I find it because it was really cool.

And it's 2:40AM, so I'm not making a lot of sense, sorry.


Mrah'Sponagi said...

For those of us with only a fleeting impulsive, procrastinatious and google-less interest in pens, what is a shaking mechanism?

Felipão G said...

Basically instead of clicking the thing on top of the pencil for the lead to advance, you shake it, and every time you shake it, the lead advances the equivalent of one click.

PRiYaNK said...

Where do you buy this around Toronto? Do you have any stores in mind?

PRiYaNK said...

Also, where did you get yours from?

PRiYaNK said...
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Felipão G said...

I don't live in Toronto.

Probably the only places to get them in this continent are ebay and JetPens (and most eBay sellers ship them from Asia)