Thursday, 30 July 2009

More Round Stics

And as summer progresses, I keep on getting more pens in my collection, and as my travel and hotel stays continues, I've been able to get more Round Stic Pens.

It turns out that some Marriott brands are renovating themselves, and with the renovations, comes an increased ecology thing, and more things are made from recycled materials, pens included.

They moved away from the traditional white barrels and solid color caps, so the new Marriott pens have a translucent barrel with a dark translucent red caps (please note that it's not completely "clear" like the Diamante or Crystal pens), and the Courtyard by Marriott are also translucent, but the caps are translucent green or orange. And on the barrel they have a small recycle sign and say 74%. These are the new Bic Ecolutions pens, which are already available for the consumer market.

These are actually really cool, and here are the pics

My room had 2 green ones, the 2 orange ones were stolen from my parents' room. The design of the notepads has also changed.

And here you can see the all of them. The Courtyard logo was dropped from the new pens, and you can see the old one there. The old design has been around for at least 10 years.


Anonymous said...

The regular bic round stic - the one you can buy in 60 packs that don't have advertising on them - just got redesigned. They aren't plain white anymore - we started getting the new ones in today.

Writing wise they are just as good as a bic ever was, I guess it was just time for an updated look.

kousarik said...

I was wondering if you had noticed the set marks on the back of the red Marriot hotel pen. They get progressively longer as you go away from the tip. I noticed the yellow and green pens just have "" on the back. Do you know what the story is with these lines on the red pen???