Monday, 13 April 2009

They're here!

After some inactivity, I have a story to share.

At the same time I moved for college, my family moved to an apartment, and in the process it seems like someone found my writing instruments drawers and got some new stuff, among them was a Uni M552, several pens and a Pentel Graph 1000 limited in blue.

I haven't been able to find another blue 0.5mm one (I think there's a few on Ebay selling from like Russia or Japan, so I'll have to take a look). Well, JetPens now has the 2nd edition of the limited edition, so I managed to order 3 of the champagne 0.5mm and a grey 0.3mm (they were out in 0.5mm) and they just got here (I wasn't expecting them until tomorrow), at this point I'm really happy. Even though the blue one was my favorite, these ones are really nice (and at some point they might end up being collectors items -like many other engineering/architecture things after 40 years).

Photos to follow later, in the meantime, here is a pic from JetPens

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Passion said...

I love reading your blog! Please continue posting.