Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Bic Round Stic Medium USA

So a month after my last post, I'm back online. School is over and I'm already on my way home (should go to bed soon, since I'll be waking up in less than 5 hours. This is partially the reason of my post.

If you have followed my blog for a while you might think I just went crazy or something. Yes, I'm well known to my family and friends to be quite eccentric with pens, yes, I have a Pilot G2 Mont Blanc Edition, yes, I order 0.38 pens from JetPens, yes, I spent 15 minutes at a drugstore looking for more 0.05mm Uni Pin pens, and many more yeses, but, everything started with hotel pens. Over the course of my almost 19 years of existence I have stayed in a bunch of hotels, from a motel that didn't even have hot water to Fiesta Americana and Intercontinental luxury hotels, and if possible, I've kept the pens and the keycards (plus my dad's and aunt's travels have brought me many more).

The reality is that a decent number of hotels put a couple of pens in your room. At some point my collection had more than 100 hotel pens that spanned the US, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Spain. And my collection is still quite big, and dominated by the Bic Round Stic Medium.

The Round Stic Medium (RSM) is a pen that's not nearly as famous as the famous "Crystal", in fact, it's almost impossible to get it in some countries, but my collection is quite big.

I must say that the RSM is a great pen, if you consider that you can buy a 12 pack of them for a few bucks, yeah, some people use G-2s, 207s, etc, but they keep a jar of RSMs because people rarely return G-2s. The feel of them is way better than that of the Crystal, and the writing is not bad, again, I've used cheap pens for a long time, and the RSM is just great.

While looking for hotels near the Phoenix airport I saw an email from Continental Airlines with some kind of special offer when staying at Hyatt Place hotels. I looked and found one of these hotels close to the airport and for a decent price.

After checking in a few hours ago I noticed that the pens came in several colors, and when I went down to the front desk to arrange tomorrow's transportation I asked them about the number of colors, to which they just looked at each other and said hmmm 5, 6 or so, and asked me if I wanted one of each color (a big yes) and one of the guys went somewhere and came back with 6 pens, and the other one had already given me like 4. Being happier than a 5 year old who just got the newest action toy I had to post this.

And here are the pictures. These clear barrels are awesome, and not easily found (one of my friends thought I was tricking him when I offered him a brand new Pilot G-2 in exchange for his clear barreled RSM that he got at a Radisson).